Planning an Ownership Transfer

Planning an Ownership Transfer is a primary responsbility for every business owner.  Developing and organizing the information required to structure an executable plan is the first step.  As the plan is developed we work to enhance the business owner’s understanding of and the implications of each incremental decision in this process.

It takes a lot of planning and experience to transfer the ownership in a privately-held business quickly and quietly…at the right price!

Whether you want the business to remain in the family or you want to sell it when you retire, it is essential that you address both business and personal considerations. This seminar includes the planning steps and helps you create a process that fits your situation. Outlines and checklists for specific tasks are provided to simplify and accelerate the process.

Any business owner who is now considering or who may want to consider a transfer of ownership in the next five years should attend this seminar. (8 Hours)

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